Personal and Professional Development Program

The PPD Program at LOYAC has 3 components:

  • It enhances youth civic engagement through involving them in community service projects
  • It develops students’ soft skills through providing them with free workshops on various topics such as Career Guidance, Personal Economics, Presentation Skills, Creative Drama, Business Ethics, Self-Management, etc
  • It connects students with prestigious internship opportunities and/or summer jobs at different companies in their fields.

We believe that empowerment happens when opportunities are given, so we try to give youth the very first opportunities they need to successfully start building their careers.

Program Criteria:

The program welcomes current or recent students, from all nationalities, who are residing in Lebanon satisfying the following criteria:

  • Age: Betweeen 17 and 28 years old
  • Highly interested in community service.
  • Committed to his/her professional and personal development.

You can still apply to become a member at LOYAC Lebanon, and benefit from all workshops and activities that LOYAC offers.

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