Share the joy of art with Syrian Refugee Children

What is MobArt?

The Syrian Crisis has had a severe impact on civilians’ emotional & psychological well-being. Child refugees, especially, have gone through difficult times with little capacity to process their trauma.

The Mobile Arts Caravans will be a place of refuge and play: they will offer creative education & inspiration for the children of the Al-Faour refugee camps.

Your contributions will support a young community of artists and their teachers to offer them hope.

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What We Offer


Classes will be offered in fine arts, drama & dance and music. Each class will accommodate up to 12 children, ages between 5 and 17, with three classes per caravan. We expect to teach between 120-160 students in the first 6 months of the MobArts Project.

The number of beneficiaries will increase over time, as the caravan services increase from 12 hours per week in the first 6 months to 24 hours in the second 6 months).

Classes will begin June 2017.

With MobArts, our aim is not only to support as many students as possible but also to provide the best quality of education for these children. The combination of art education with therapy is the foundation of what we are providing with MobArts - the best teachers and therapists with the smallest class sizes.


Parents will be trained to become arts instructors so that they can teach in the future, ensuring the sustainability of the project.

As well as local teachers and volunteers, LOYAC will be bringing the best in the field of art therapy from around the world. We seek to work with highly qualified art and drama therapists and teachers, especially equipped to help children in post-war trauma.

What can your contribution provide?

Contribution Amount Equivalent
$10 3 books/ a chair/ set of paint
$20 6 books/ 2 chairs/ 2 sets of paint
$50 Theatre costume
$300 Oud
$500 1 month teacher’s salary
$1000 Piano / 2 months salary of a teacher

Your contributions will support the setup & running of mobile studios for music, fine arts, drama & dance that will offer therapeutic art classes to children traumatized by the Syrian civil crisis.

Double your contributions: all online contributions to this campaign will be matched by generous supporters of LOYAC, so please give generously.

Even if you can’t financially support us, sharing this campaign on social media and with your friends & family will make a big difference.